langeLinda Lange earned her bachelor's in journalism from the University of Texas in Austin.  Prior to her children, Madison 1996 and Olivia 1999, Lange worked in public relations and design for Schreiner University , while volunteering and serving on the boards of several non-profit organizations.  In 2004, she founded HALO – Helping Autism through Learning and Outreach.

Since her departure from HALO, Lange says she continues to work with her children, while looking towards developing new opportunities for Madison and her peers with autism as they enter adulthood.

A note  from Linda Lange

My non-verbal autistic daughter Madison scored less than 50 on an IQ test at age four.
And I was cautioned by autism experts not to expect her ever to be able to spell or read beyond some very basic functional sight words. So, along with the benefit of numerous biomedical interventions, meeting Soma Mukhopadhyay when Madison was seven years old, proved to be life-changing.  Soma's method for teaching age-appropriate academics to he
son Tito, as well as to hundreds of others, enabled Madison to learn how to learn, and eventually, how to communicate.  Though it took me two long years of work to enjoy my own personal experience of open-ended communication with Madison (via her spelling), I continue to relish the parental joy of knowing and appreciating her unique mind and personality."