catherinCatherine Lord, Ph.D. is the Director of the University of Michigan Autism and Communication Disorders Center (UMACC) and a professor of psychology,psychiatry and pediatrics.

Dr. Lord is currently a Visiting Professor at NYU Child Study Centerwhere she is setting up a preschool and toddler clinicusing evidence-based assessments and treatments. She is a clinical psychologist who has worked in Canada and the U.K and at various universities in theU.S., including the TEACCH program. She was involved in developing the standardized diagnostic instruments for ASD (the Autism Diagnostic Observation
Schedule (ADOS), an observational scale, and the Autism Diagnostic Interview –
Revised (ADI-R), a parent interview), considered the gold standard for research diagnoses.

As Director of UMACC, she provides clinical evaluations and consultations and trains universitystudents and professionals in the diagnosis of ASD. Current projects include the development of a toddler module for the ADOS; organization of the Simons Simplex Collection, a repository of cell lines and phenotypic data for families with a child with autism and a typical child; the development of a measure of spontaneous, functional language in children with ASD; two studies of different interventions with very young children; and a longitudinal study of children followed from age 2 who are now in their teens.

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