muelemaBecky and Abe Meulemans have three boys who have all been diagnosed with autism. Although life is extremely challenging for the Meulemans family, they feel they can appreciate and celebrate each and every small step that their three boys accomplish better than any average family.Clayton Meulemans is now a 6 year old boy, who is extremely lovable and happy.  He and his two younger brothers Gavin and Maddox have all been diagnosed with autism.

This is quite a challenge for the entire family.  Clay’s youngest sibling and only sister Lilly (19 months old), has been tested many times for autism, and it is obvious now that she does not show any signs of having this devastating disorder.  Clay’s father Abe works in Medical Device Sales and his mom Becky stays home with him and his three siblings.

The family is fund-raising for a service dog for the boys at this time to help them feel safer at home and in the community, as the boys struggle to understand and comprehend dangerous situations.  Clay will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  He receives 30 hours per week of in-home intensive autism therapy, as well as speech and occupational therapy at school. Clay is a verbal little guy, but it is still a struggle to hold a two-way conversation with him for any length of time.  He is very smart and quite a perfectionist and works so hard at getting all the people in his life to understand his wants and needs.