titoTito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay was born in India to Soma and Ram Gopal Mukhopadhyay in 1988. As usual his parents were worried when during his third year he would not talk and play with children.

They took him to specialists and when he was three and half years old they learned that he had Autism. Tito received Speech therapy shortly afterwards.

Soma had no formal training in autism before she had her son. She developed her own intensive educational curriculum (Rapid Prompting Method) that
included reading textbooks, teaching him to point to numbers and letters, and giving him age appropriate education. Tito began to write his creative work from the age of six. First he used a letter chart to communicate and later learned how
to hand-write. His writings gradually interested journalists in India where some of his writings got published ( The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Times of India).

A documentary was made on Tito ( Tito's Story ) by the BBC when National Autistic Society's (UK) Richard Mills spotted Tito in Bangalore, in the year 1999. Soma and Tito were invited by NAS (UK) to visit England where Dr. Lorna Wing, Dr. Judith Gould and Dr. Beatrice Hermaline tested Tito and published his book 'Beyond the Silence' in 2000.

Cure Autism Now's (US) Portia Iversen invited them in 2000, for a conference where Tito was the key-note speaker. Portia later invited them back for neuro-scientists to do a research paper on Tito that got published in 2008.

Tito continued to write and publish his work. His books - The Mind Tree, Gold of the Sunbeams and How Can I Talk if My Lips Don't Move are his other published books.
He was featured in 60 minutes, Good Morning America, and CNN International. He was featured in Scientific American, National Geographic, People Magazine and Ladies Home Journal.

Tito lives with his mother Soma in Austin, Texas while his father, Ram Gopal,
visits them every year from India.