candaceCandace Smith was a Colorado high school teacher for twenty-six years, teaching language arts, history and broad area social studies , coaching speech and debate during the early years. She studied economics, beginning in 1989, and received many teaching awards at the local, state, and national levels, including the Colorado Enterprising Teacher of the Year Award, the Colorado Teaching Award, a Foundation for Teaching Economics National Prize for Excellence in Economics Education, and the National Milken Award.

In the mid-90's Candace was a member of a small team of educators who developed Quality Education Associates, a for-profit effort in systemic school and classroom improvement. In the late 90's Candace served as an educational consultant in economics education, quality improvement process for school and classroom management and instruction, and in Socratic dialogue as the exemplary method for creating the 'classical liberal classroom. She met Vernon Smith in 1995 while serving on the Board of the Association of Private Enterprise Education. In June 1998, they had a 'first date', marking the beginning of their love story, and they were married in early 2001. Since 2003 Candace has assisted Vernon in his professional outreach, and in 2006 she assumed a role at with the International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics, a foundation founded by Vernon in 1997, as the Assistant to the President. In 2007, she continued her pro-bono assistance in the role of Vice President.

Candace enjoys the richness of her relationship with Vernon and with her four  children and four grandchildren. She enjoys engaging conversation, travel, and is an avid reader in the classical liberal tradition.