thorkilThorkil Sonne holds a university degree from Aalborg University, Denmark, and has a 15 years carrier within IT in the private sector.

Thorkil received the ‘Autism Award 2004’ by Autism Denmark and ‘IT Award 2008’ by the Danish IT Industry Association.Specialisterne received the ‘Network Award 2005’ by the Danish Network of Business Leaders and the ‘Best Large Social Firm Europe 2006 Award’ by The European Confederation of Social Firms.

Thorkil’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism in 1999. Thorkil was chairman of a local branch of Autism Denmark for three years.

In 2004 Thorkil founded Specialisterne (The Specialists) as the first market driven company based on the special talents of people with autism.

Specialisterne performs software testing, data entries and reviews at market terms for leading companies. In addition Specialisterne runs training programs to prepare people with autism for the labour market and develop services that will enable people with autism assessing and training their potential talents. He has co-authored articles in MIT Innovation Journal an
several books. Specialisterne is a case study at Harvard Business School.Thorkil has presented Specialisterne in numerous keynote speeches on four continents and he is in contact with people/organizations in more than 30 countries requesting a replicating of the Specialisterne concept. Thorkil’s goal is to create more than 1000 jobs internationally for people with autism.