croweTaylor Crowe was born and raised in a small city on the banks of the Mississippi River in the American Midwest.

Taylor was a seemingly normal child until a profound regression into autism at age three. Diagnosed as severely autistic at age four, Taylor’s subsequent years were characterized by a life of struggle, confusion and slow, incremental successes. 

Early in his formal education Taylor’s strengths in art were discovered and cultivated while simultaneous emphasis was placed on “socializing” him with neurotypical peers, continually challenging him to interact and remain involved with other children.

Taylor slowly progressed from a young child who was given virtually no hope by the physician who diagnosed him to a grade school student who showed occasional glimmers of promise to an artistically gifted high school student surrounded by caring friends to a refreshingly independent young adult who recently completed his studies in Character Animation at the California Institute of the Arts, recognized as the world’s premiere institution for study in that field.
Taylor’s is not the story of a “miracle cure” of autism. He explains that he still struggles daily with the challenges of autism, but emphasizes that by growing up in a nurturing and positive environment he learned that his life was one of capability, not disability. He describes his autism as an “inconvenience” not a handicap. Website: